From the moment we started working with the CrestWood Team, I knew we were with the right group of people. There was always a sense that they were all in it with us to make it happen and get us in the new home, but it wasn’t about just making the sale. The friendliness of each team member and ability to connect with them on both a professional and personal level made the entire home selling and buying process seamless and reassuring.

The selling of our home all started with both the professional and affable personality of Terry Kent. He was phenomenal at making us very comfortable with the strategy for the sale of our home. He is a family man first and he immediately gains your trust and respect with his approach to the whole process. Terry went above and beyond numerous times during the sales process to make the sale of our home a reality and to allow us the next step of the purchase of the new home.

Working with CWD Mortgage was one of the smartest moves we made in the whole home buying process. We made an immediate connection with Haydee Alvarez, the Mortgage Manager, who walked us through each step with absolute accuracy and complete disclosure. She is genuine, likable and above all professional and keeps your personal financial capabilities at the forefront of her efforts. She will always tell you the truth, good or bad, and always starts off with the worst-case scenario. This allowed us to constantly be reviewing our capability of managing the finances with the new home. With each successive conversation, and there were many, the news always seemed to get better and better. There are few people in this world we would trust with the amount of information you need to share during the home-buying process, and Haydee earned that trust time and time again. We were lucky to work with Haydee in buying our CrestWood home; she made our new home a financial reality.

The relationship with CrestWood all started and ended with Donna and Ruben at the sales office of Bella Tierra. They were the absolute cheer leaders from day one in the whole crazy house buying scenario. They were gracious to us and our friends each and every time we walked someone else through our potential new dream home. Donna and Ruben make a great team and we always felt welcome walking into the model to ask “just one more question”.

Having been in the home now nearly two months, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that it’s actually our home. The amount of space we have for our growing family of five seems to be endless. One of the absolute top selling features is the green build qualities of the home. In just 2 short months, we are seeing our energy bill come in over 47% lower than our previous home, which was 1900 square feet smaller. During the hot month of July with temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s, we still don’t find the need to run the AC until the late evening and then it’s just to cool down the back rooms for bed time.

Thank you CrestWood Team for making our dream home a reality. We look forward to making family memories here for the next 30 years.

Ross and Kristina Vitale and their three sons