Our Home Buying Journey began in June of 2016 When we Received our annual rent increase and a Notice of “No Dogs Allowed” was handed to us, we had been long standing tenants of 13 years and believed that owning a house was out of our reach Just thinking of the cost involved to sustain a house was intimidating. Feeling content with the location of our apartment we never anticipated relocating until this notice. One year ago 2 puppies came into our home they were returned gifts back to us and they became part of our family, releasing them to a shelter “The Dog Pound” was heartbreaking unwilling to conform to these rules we decided it was time to move, to find a home that would accept our pets. The home search was on and we saw how high rentals had become and decided to jump into The New 1st Time Home Buyers Group. The search for our home had many ups and downs we viewed Communities with Mellow Roos and Special charges to 3 story Condos that were questionable given our age and to think if I could handle the stairs given my repaired knee, then there were the affordable homes but with 1hr plus commutes to work for my husband.

The Rejection; we found a location that was off of interstate 15 in North Fontana area. This was where we were staring to lose hope when the Sales agent told us we should consider looking into a lower price range home. We asked her if we could see the Model Houses and she replied “we don’t have any models in your price range” talk about being turned down she didn’t even give is the time of day to even glance at the models! Dishearten by that particular rejection we gathered up our hopes and continued our search the following week.

We learned about a new home development from a potential home loan officer whom asked if we have seen the new developments close by just minutes from here he said. With no time lose we drove down not knowing the exact name of the community when we saw the signs of The Adega Collection.

At Adega Collection we were greeted with such kindness and professionalism. We briefly met with Haydee Alvarez at the sales center, as she was there for another client. Haydee took down our info and told us let me get back to my office and write up some figures, during one of our conversations with Haydee we told her we should be looking into homes that are around $300,000 or fixer uppers and she replied “wait till you come into my office I will show on paper”.

At CWD Mortgage we were sat in the conference room when Haydee Alvarez walks in with a huge smile, file in hand, She greets us and says “ever wonder how people own homes and they make the same as you do or less, well let me show you how you too can own your home and not just any home but a New Adega Home”. Haydee broke down the numbers explaining every detail and we proceeded to sign the contract with Julie Thornton, sales consultant guiding and explaining the stack of documents at hand with such ease she has been a pleasure to work with and being there to show us the models and answering more questions time after time.

Haydee Alvarez is a Power House in her field with years of experience and a get it done attitude she is a true asset to her colleague at CWD Mortgage. Mrs. Alvarez figuratively speaking took a scalpel and cut out the obstacles in the way, educating us in our finances and always assuring us that this house would soon be ours. You can say she was available nearly 24hrs a day always answering our calls and messages in a timely manner. Haydee has been The Finance & Mortgage Doctor in her efforts to help us become 1st Time Home Buyers, her kindness and compassion towards us is heartfelt we are blessed and honored to have had her work on our file during this home buying process. As our escrow is soon to close, we would like to thank the many people working on site at The Adega Collection they have all been kind and diligent in their tasks to complete our New Home.

I urge anyone contemplating being a New Home Owner to give this group of professionals a try, and definitely meet “The Finance & Mortgage Doctor” Haydee Alvarez so you too can achieve this American Dream.

CrestWood Communities has put a fantastic team together we are very thankful for everything they have done.

Georgia Rodriguez