CrestWood Communities made it possible for my wife and me to have the house of our dreams. Their encouragement, insistence and perserverance brought the American Dream in our reach, and gave the hope to let us believe that in America everything is possible if you are willing to work hard and never give up on your goals and plans.

Thanks so much to Haydee Alvarez, who processed the loan application for us and thanks also to Donna Phillips who took care of the sales aspect of the transaction. We are indebted to this fine team of professionals in Real Estate which enable us to overcome the hurdles and obstacles of qualifying for a loan and obtaining our home.

We would like also to give special thanks to Daniel, who made it possible for us to find a bank or finance institute who could finance with our average fico score. We feel that CrestWood Communities went beyond their duty to perform to help us in these trying and low economic times, to make our dream a reality.