Last month we closed on our home in Villa Portofino.  Building a home long-distance (we also have a home in Colorado), during a pandemic with all the accompanying labor and material shortages was not without challenges.  We are sure this was also true for the CrestWood Communities. As issues arose, we are generally satisfied with the outcomes. However, one of your employees, John Celli, is the best example of customer service that we have experienced during this homebuilding process. As construction superintendent, John, was thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and demonstrated a “get-it-done” and “get-it-done-right” skill set that surpassed everyone in this homebuilding endeavor. During the walk-through, the house was immaculate with every detail, including correct times on microwave and stove, completed.  The few concerns we had were attended to expediently and accurately.  In the case where we were missing a window blind, John took care of it from measurement to installation. John’s introduction and explanation of items that were new to us, eg solar, tankless water heater, astrological switch, were understandable and presented in layperson’s terms.  His patience was demonstrated when a few days later he was seen making his rounds on the street, and we asked about an issue.  John smiled and repeated calmly instructions about the astrological switch! Beyond our experience with John, I have watched him interact with other residents and many subcontractors.  It is obvious that he is invaluable to all the residents and that his relationship with the subcontractors causes things to be resolved quickly and well. Finally, we admire that John doesn’t stand around a fish for a compliment.  That man moves quickly from one site to the next, and most likely, one issue to the next.  He is the epitome of a professional.  We look forward to many happy years in Villa Portofino, and we are grateful to John Celli and all he did to make our move-in smooth and successful.